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What Should Be Considered Before The Operation? What is done in the hospital before surgery?

  • One week before the operation, attention should be paid to cigarette consumption as much as possible, and it should not be consumed one day before.
  • You do not have to diet before surgery.
  • You should stop taking solid and liquid food from 24:00 before the operation.
  • Since this is no emergency surgery, your general health should be in optimum conditions on the day you will be operated. Therefore, it is useful to protect yourself from ailments such as cold, flu and urinary tract infections.
  • After the hospitalization procedures are completed, blood tests, ECG, upper abdominal ultrasound, chest radiography, dietician examination, anesthesia examination and COVID19 PCR are performed. As a result of these controls, if there is no health problem that prevents surgery, you will be operated on the same day.
  • Just before you go to the operating room, a needle, which we describe as a courage needle, is injected through your vein so that you do not experience too much operating room stress in your room.
  • Just before starting the surgery, the final condition of your stomach is checked with the help of endoscopy under general anesthesia....